CSC: Principles of Construction Documentation Course – Modules 2 & 3a

Specification Writing Illustration - from Midvale City websiteAs I mentioned in a previous post, I am discussing what I’m learning in my CSC Principles of Construction Documentation course.

In our second week of classes, we’ve learned about the responsibilities and roles of the people involved, and about bid documents.

I have to say the CSC course information is pretty useful for general reference for the requirements of specific sections. While it doesn’t get into the nuances of the items for bid documents, it does give a nice summary of the process involved.

This week is also about the differences between MasterFormat™ versions (2004 and previous) and UniFormat™. I’ve found those chapters really helpful for understanding why the numbering system is 6 digits in 3 pairs of numbers. The whole system is designed to be flexible in terms of the scope and size of the project the specification is for. At least now, I feel if I can understand the methodology, I’ll be a better specification writer.

I like that they’re 2 systems. I can see how MasterFormat™ works well for each specific trade, because it’s a component-based system. I can understand how UniFormat™ would not only work well for design-build and cost-estimation (especially class D or C estimations) because its divisions reflect systems, like the exterior or structure.