Fiction – Broken Paradise


Prompt: Weekend Canvas Exercise


I created this world such a long time ago, perfect in its symmetry, proportion, scale and ideals. I set it up for your health, for your growth, stability and happiness. But slowly you broke my creation with your limitless exploration of its boundaries.

You twisted my words, broke my promises and spun the structures until their foundations shattered beneath you. The abundant supply of water I gave you wept through the walls of stone and concrete, eroding your homes and towers into piles of rubble and sand. You tried to fix what was wrong, all the while blaming the desolation on me, instead of your inhospitable nature.

Slowly you decided to build ships on the water, exploring lands beyond the borders of time. You sailed away from me, into the great beyond. Out of my sight, you left everything I created behind, and chose instead to live in the world you discovered. And You left me alone in my broken paradise.


A few years ago l joined a startup writing group called ThinkingTen. The concept is simple: there’s a daily prompt and you have 10 minutes to write whatever comes to mind. l deleted my blog posts from the site when I received an email saying the founder was shutting down the site. I hadn’t written anything in a while anyway. It’s still going, but I’ve decided to repost my original works here for Fiction friday.