Coming Up on Write. Design. Create.

My 2 month schedule that I set for myself when I reworked my websites in January has come to a close. It’s time for a new schedule, though this only occupies the month of April.

In the last week I wrote a few draft posts that you can look forward to in the coming months. They haven’t been posted as some personal items have kept me busy this week, but here is a sample”

What’s in a Title? (tentative name) is my view on the title ‘Architect’.

Using a Spider to Catch a Fly (tentative name) is about decision-making processes.

I will be writing a post on April 8th on how the April Platform Challenge inspired me and how it affected platform in the last year. If you’re curious about many of the other participants, you can find them at Wordsmith Studio.

I will also be participating in the April Poem a Day (PAD) challenge through Writer’s Digest. It’s an excuse for me to go back to my first love in writing, the poetry I wrote as a teenager. I will try to post some of it here. Hopefully it won’t sound nearly as melodramatic.

So, readers, I hope you won’t mind this abundance of posts in the next month. I’m also looking forward to different posts in May. Are there any burning questions in your minds about architecture, healthcare, or fiction? Please let me know in the comments.


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