the sinuous staircase
wanders windingly
round and round
an infinite spiral.
up or down
it looks the same.

doors line hallways
soldiers silencing secrets
sentinels standing in shadows.
invisible eyes watch
through worn helmets
and empty keyholes.

sticky substances
sit on surfaces
dust blown onto
woven webs.
fluttered wings
frighten phantoms.

wild landscapes
warn witnesses
with ominous signs.
enter at your own risk.
the house holds
secrets hostage.

standing sentinel

standing sentinel

poetic asides

For today’s prompt, write a sinister poem. The narrator could be sinister, or something sinister could be happening to someone (or something) else. – Robert Lee Brewer

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2 thoughts on “haunted

  1. Love this poem Heather. Love reading alliterations aloud to myself. Hey, have you ever worked on a haunted house? 🙂

    • Thanks Veronica! Haven’t worked on one but I did document the Old Fort York Barracks in my first week of university. I have also been blessed to travel and see so many historical buildings.

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