Forget Politics – a poem

Who cares what colour you present?

wires and metallic shards – a poem

Screws tighten, aligning the wrench just so it cannot go willy nilly, but behave as programmed.

exhausted – a poem

Feet ache, after a marathon of steps, too many to count.

remember the innocence – a poem

Little fingers and toes, testing, tasting everything in sight,

denial – a poem

Denial Oh traitorous heart of mine why beat faster at such a disaster?

Fire – a poem

Fingers wrapped stifle the cry.

unlearn – a poem

How can I unsee when it pierces my skin?

canada homes – a poem

Muddy streets, row upon row upon row, houses line up shoulder to shoulder like little soldiers ready for battle.

loss – a poem

His smiling face brings joy. Spit up, gurgles, midnight feedings and diaper changes,

woven – a poem

She whispers words, silent prayers woven along with thread.

6 lessons learned giving up my smart phone for Lent

My husband jokingly issued me a challenge a little over 6 weeks ago: Could I give up my smart phone for lent?

state of calm – a poem

Closed eyes furtively glance side to side back and forth...

synaesthetic – a poem

I synthesize behind closed eyes irregular forms, colour, shape, storms.

15 Things I learned in 2014

Motherhood is the most difficult thing I've ever done. There is no possible way to fully prepare for the worry, fear, joy, pain and love that consumes the heart. No matter what you think it will be like, you will be wrong, and it's not a bad thing.

problem solving – a poem

His frown speaks volumes indicating the catastrophe about to take place.