surrender – a poem

Have you thought about my proposal? … read on ...

the day after – a poem

I had more questions than answers. ... read on ...

his callous smile – a poem

His callous smile, once intriguing, bolts of lightning makes me shiver … read on...

you should – a poem

Follow the yellow brick road, you say. Click to read the rest of the poem.

Forget Politics – a poem

Who cares what colour you present?

wires and metallic shards – a poem

Screws tighten, aligning the wrench just so it cannot go willy nilly, but behave as programmed.

exhausted – a poem

Feet ache, after a marathon of steps, too many to count.

remember the innocence – a poem

Little fingers and toes, testing, tasting everything in sight,

denial – a poem

Denial Oh traitorous heart of mine why beat faster at such a disaster?

Fire – a poem

Fingers wrapped stifle the cry.

unlearn – a poem

How can I unsee when it pierces my skin?

canada homes – a poem

Muddy streets, row upon row upon row, houses line up shoulder to shoulder like little soldiers ready for battle.

loss – a poem

His smiling face brings joy. Spit up, gurgles, midnight feedings and diaper changes,

woven – a poem

She whispers words, silent prayers woven along with thread.

6 lessons learned giving up my smart phone for Lent

My husband jokingly issued me a challenge a little over 6 weeks ago: Could I give up my smart phone for lent?