Fiction – Too Many Friends

I watched from the bar counter as she sat there, well-dressed in black and completely out of place in this dive, methodically chewing the ice from her empty glass. Darkness filled her thoughts, but rather than lose herself in alcohol, she drank diet soda, and stared blankly at her cell phone. It vibrated every few minutes. A greasy-haired man walked up to her, his eyes … Continue reading Fiction – Too Many Friends

Fiction – The Phone Rings

  Prompt: the phone rings *** The phone rings. “Hello?’ I hear was a soft sigh on the other end. I check the time. “Annie?” Soft sigh. “Yeah.” “Hi. I haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you doing?” “Okay, You know.” “Yeah.” Pause. “How’s the job hunt going?” Silence. “Annie?” “My friend got me a dress for my job interview.” “That was … Continue reading Fiction – The Phone Rings

Fiction – Broken Paradise

Prompt: Weekend Canvas Exercise *** I created this world such a long time ago, perfect in its symmetry, proportion, scale and ideals. I set it up for your health, for your growth, stability and happiness. But slowly you broke my creation with your limitless exploration of its boundaries. You twisted my words, broke my promises and spun the structures until their foundations shattered beneath you. … Continue reading Fiction – Broken Paradise