His words, their syllables simple...


We play games
you and I.
Online interactions,

Monthly Musing – November 2017

A bit longer than planned, here's what I've been up to for the past few months.


The mental load weighs heavily...

in search of praise 

A work in progress partially formed.


Awake from the responsibilities that have popped into my mind overnight, I overcome exhaustion with caffeine.

whomsoever killed my dream

I will find you, near or far.


leaning back to each other in a sine.


The costume gives me strength.

One day

One day I won't be surprised by the immeasurable grief

The Aftershocks of Grief

Dad and I, wedding day. Image Courtesy of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Photography. http://boyfriendgirlfriendpictures.com

Nothing major happened recently, but sometimes it’s the small tremors, those aftershocks that echo long after events pass that build up into something overwhelming.


#poem Alarms signal the start of the day.

Monthly Musing – July 2017

July, I started getting up early to write in the mornings. I've been sacrificing my rest because, well, I couldn't sleep.


Awake before the summer sun thoughts pervade my mind

ode to my fourth toe

I cried out in pain That's when I knew