a poppy for COVID

Having seen the monuments dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives, I wonder what it would be like, to see a monument to the dead of this virus. A monument to the survivors, many of whom still suffer.


I don’t see you any more, your lights dimmed amidst the glow of others.


What a difference a year makes.
I can only watch from afar, the devastation greater than I can fathom.
Using numbers doesn’t help me understand the magnitude when it’s ten and one hundred times bigger than my closest reference. And even that I cannot comprehend.


The cold permeateschilling my bones to their depth.It has been so long since I’ve felt warmth,or the feeling of my limbs.They are phantoms now,leftovers of another life,when I felt control and pain.I stumble along,unable to feel the bruisesI’ve accumulated along the way.I bump against a door,not realizing I’ve crashed it wide,blown it open so the … Continue reading enter