Sci-fi Architecture: what would you do with a Transformable Mobile Containment System?

The Transformable Mobile Containment System (TMCS), showcased on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet television show, inspired me from the moment I saw the clip. (Watch it here.) A self-contained shipping container, Excalibur Canada created a self-loading, self-leveling system complete with generator for electrical, and pumps. In the video, they set up a modular healthcare unit in an hour […]

Healthcare in the news: Faucets, Noise Pollution and Social Networks for Mental Health

There have been some interesting articles I’ve seen posted online lately, pertaining to health care. 1. Hospital Faucets Pose Infection Risk Healthcare Design Magazine recently posted an article linked to a study illustrating aerators in hospital faucets increase microbes by 10 times. This reminds me of an article I saw in the Toronto Star in […]

In the news: Healthcare Design

The Evolution of US Tribal Health Centers Healthcare Design Magazine interviews James Childers about “the legacy he’s building, as well as the process behind designing facilities that proudly demonstrate the tribal values and cultural wealth of a historically underserved population.” (Healthcare Design Magazine: The Evolution of US Tribal Health Centers by Kristen D. Zeit.) Childers […]

2013 UIA/PHG Healthcare Forum Conference Program

Update: The Conference Program is now available! Pick the PDF or the Website! Conference During September 24-27, 2013, Toronto is hosting the UIA/PHG Forum + GUPHA Meeting and conference, coinciding with IIDEX Toronto! This year’s theme is Get Better and it’s presented by the RAIC, Architecture Canada, and IIDEX. Registration is open! I’d love to meet […]


haunted the sinuous staircase wanders windingly round and round an infinite spiral. up or down it looks the same. doors line hallways soldiers silencing secrets sentinels standing in shadows. invisible eyes watch through worn helmets and empty keyholes. sticky substances sit on surfaces dust blown onto woven webs. fluttered wings frighten phantoms. wild landscapes warn […]