the horses

side note:

I’m taking part in the Writing101 challenge, which means this is a break in what I usually post. Day 6’s challenge is to:

Today, write a post focusing on one — or more — of the people that have recently entered your life, and tell us how your narratives intersected.

Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.

F1000018the horses

She had sad eyes. I never knew her name, but I know the fatigue that lined the corners of her eyes. Barely twenty years in age, she knew far more of the world than I could ever know. Exhausted, she thought carefully before answering my questions. Her week was difficult, spending hours dealing with issues she’d long-buried.

Beneath the harsh makeup that acted like armor, I found her beautiful.

She never looked directly at me, but spoke quietly, yet assuredly about what she wanted. I asked about her experiences, and she told me about the horses.

She had to corral wild horses with a few other girls. They stood, arm in arm together, a living fence directing the wild stallions off to the side. She stood rigid, closed her eyes at the approaching stampede of hooves, and held her breath. She peered through slotted eyelids, forcing herself to stay calm, and they followed the path they set before them.

I knew then, she possessed a strength I would never know. Though it came about because of difficult circumstances, I admired her just the same.

How about you?

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