Lean Healthcare – a New Evidence-Based Design Strategy?

The first quarter issue of the Patient-Centered Design Online Newsletter is up and features an article on Lean design for healthcare. I’ve often wondered what Lean Design is. It is a derivative of manufacturing experience, specifically that of the Toyota Production System (TPS). According to Tammy S. Thompson: “Lean design is a system that focuses on […]

Environmental Design and Construction: May 2012 Highlights

I signed up for Environmental Design and Construction (EDC) and received the May Issue the other day. Two articles stuck out to me in this 113 page magazine. 1. The Shape of Healthcare, by Derrick Teal The Upper Cumberland Regional Health Facility (UCRHF) is: Owned by the State of Tennessee, the new construction of this 50,000-square-foot facility building […]

Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The first mental health strategy for Canada

Monday, the Mental Health Commission of Canada announced the first mental health strategy for Canada. Formed in 2007 by Canada’s Conservative government, the Commission has a number of studies, including creating a comprehensive plan for preventative mental health care across Canada. I can’t find the actual report, though I am looking forward to reading it when […]

April Platform Challenge Day 20 (and a few others)

The My Name is Not Bob April Platform Challenge has been both encouraging and challenging. If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted on it lately, it’s because I’ve been joining things like Google+, rediscovering Hootsuite, networking with others, participating in twitter chats, and actually writing blogs with ‘Calls to Action’ at the end. So far […]

Winners: Kaiser Permanente Small Hospital, Big Idea Competition

The winners for the Small Hospital, Big Idea Competition are Aditazz and Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch/ Perkins+Will (M+NLB). According to the Kaiser Permanente (KP) website, the winners were chosen for designs that: Create spaces to inspire human-to-human connection and collaboration Include civic spaces that blur the boundaries between the community and the traditional hospital setting Bring nature […]