April Platform Challenge Day 20 (and a few others)

The My Name is Not Bob April Platform Challenge has been both encouraging and challenging. If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted on it lately, it’s because I’ve been joining things like Google+, rediscovering Hootsuite, networking with others, participating in twitter chats, and actually writing blogs with ‘Calls to Action’ at the end. So far its been a pretty invaluable learning experience, and even today’s challenge for applying to Guest Post of someone else’s blog stretched me.

Friday’s challenge took me a few days to get to, primarily because I had an exam yesterday. It took some time to think of: Create a Schedule for your posts.

For My Quirky City, I’ve decided on 1+ posts per week. Fridays will be ‘Quirky Reads’, part  of the Quirky Reading Room section. The + will come in on Tuesdays, when I post about events that I’ve gone to.

On my other site, Circadian Design, I plan on posting on Wednesdays to start. When I started the blog originally, I planned on posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but found I couldn’t keep up with that much research and posting, while also writing fiction and working full-time. So I’m looking for tips on time management in the meantime.

If you have a career, family, blog and write, what are your time management tips?


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2 thoughts on “April Platform Challenge Day 20 (and a few others)

  1. My time management plan is basically: wing it.
    Ha-ha, I have an editorial calendar for my blog now, but my basic schedule just says, “Do the day’s task, and fit in everything else in the cracks.” So far it works for me … Come may, though–I’m guessing it’ll have to change.


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