Lean Healthcare – a New Evidence-Based Design Strategy?

The first quarter issue of the Patient-Centered Design Online Newsletter is up and features an article on Lean design for healthcare. I’ve often wondered what Lean Design is. It is a derivative of manufacturing experience, specifically that of the Toyota Production System (TPS). According to Tammy S. Thompson: “Lean design is a system that focuses on […]

Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The first mental health strategy for Canada

Monday, the Mental Health Commission of Canada announced the first mental health strategy for Canada. Formed in 2007 by Canada’s Conservative government, the Commission has a number of studies, including creating a comprehensive plan for preventative mental health care across Canada. I can’t find the actual report, though I am looking forward to reading it when […]

Winners: Kaiser Permanente Small Hospital, Big Idea Competition

The winners for the Small Hospital, Big Idea Competition are Aditazz and Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch/ Perkins+Will (M+NLB). According to the Kaiser Permanente (KP) website, the winners were chosen for designs that: Create spaces to inspire human-to-human connection and collaboration Include civic spaces that blur the boundaries between the community and the traditional hospital setting Bring nature […]

Healthcare Architect Certification by the American College of Healthcare Architects

What is a specialty certification worth? I have my LEED AP, I will be a licensed architect, and I’m considering getting a specification designation such as a CSP (Certified Specification Practitioner). I’m all for studying to take the exams to get my credentials, the problem is maintaining my credentials with Continuing Education (CE). As I […]

Call for Papers: The Architecture of the Psychiatric Milieu

The Therapeutic Landscapes Network has linked to a Call for Papers: The Architecture of the Psychiatric Milieu for the peer review journal Facilities. From the post: Facilities for psychiatric care have a tradition of standardization in design and treatment dating back to the moral treatment paradigm of the 1850s. As normative approaches to psychiatric care […]

Humber River Regional Hospital: North America's First Digital Hospital

Canadian Architect announced today that HDR Inc., as part of Plenary Healthcare Partnerships (PHP) team began ground breaking in December for North America’s first fully digital hospital, the Humber River Regional Hospital (HRRH), where will automate all of the operational processes. As the first fully digital hospital in North America, the hospital is designed to […]

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Labs: CEAL

The other day Daily Planet presented a segment on a lab that studies the effects of unique planning conditions on the body. The iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Toronto consists of 12 cutting-edge labs, workshops, and other reasearch spaces to safely study how adults, specifically those with disabilities, interact with their environment. Inside this lab, they have […]

Update – Kaiser Permanente Competition: Small Hospital, Big Idea – Finalists

Update: As I wait for the winner to be announced, I’ve been perusing the shortlist proposals for the competition. I’ve found some of the modular proposals interesting, like a bit of a return to the hospitals of the 1970s, like the McMaster University Medical Centre. Most of them focused on the ability of technology to […]

Lecture: Hospital of the Future

The University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design has a lecture series every year and I attended Wednesday night’s lecture on the Hospital of the Future, by Dr. Ernesto Morales, a researcher from L’Insitut Universitaire de Geriatrie de Montreal (IUGM). Dr. Morales was recently invited to participate in a project with the Research Centre […]

Webcast: Case Studies in International Healthcare Greening Strategies

For anyone interested, I received this email the other day and thought I’d put it out there. I can’t attend, even thought I’d love to. If anyone does attend, would love your feed back, maybe even as a guest poster. You are invited to the webinar titled: Case Studies in International Healthcare Greening Strategies which is part […]