Update – Kaiser Permanente Competition: Small Hospital, Big Idea – Finalists


As I wait for the winner to be announced, I’ve been perusing the shortlist proposals for the competition. I’ve found some of the modular proposals interesting, like a bit of a return to the hospitals of the 1970s, like the McMaster University Medical Centre. Most of them focused on the ability of technology to support both the patient and create sustainable facilities. I definitely appreciated those proposals with actual designs, as opposed to the graphic representations of designs, but I suppose the final designs were reserved for the finalist competition.

The winner should have been posted on November 4th, and I await the results.

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So the Small Hospital, Big Idea competition announced the finalists. I was waiting to post on it before I saw the images of the winners but there’s a caveat on their site that says “images will be posted shortly,” and that’s been there for 2 days. Looking forward to the winning entries.

I hope they post the images soon. Until then, if you want more info, check out my previous post on the topic.