#poem Alarms signal the start of the day.


Awake before the summer sun thoughts pervade my mind

ode to my fourth toe

I cried out in pain That's when I knew


Singing sweetly of surrender, Love, whole, soft and tender.


Stagnant, stuck in an endless loop we dance in circles.

enough – poem

My heart aches...

then she speaks

On the lap papers shake...

Betrayal – Poem

The moment it happened, I felt your eyes on mine

Pesky – a poem

The constant buzz, sometimes louder as it flies by

Dad – a poem

He used to shine my shoes. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

Dad He used to shine my shoes, said it was his military training, couldn’t abide the scuff marks. He used to offer mom broccoli, as a bouquet, every time they bought groceries. He would go for veggie burgers with a friend, though he wasn’t a vegetarian. He made sure we were all equal, treating everyone …

inclusive – a poem


Rules and codes were meant to be inclusive

surrender – a poem

Have you thought about my proposal? … read on ...

the day after – a poem

I had more questions than answers. ... read on ...

his callous smile – a poem

His callous smile, once intriguing, bolts of lightning makes me shiver … read on...

you should – a poem

Follow the yellow brick road, you say. Click to read the rest of the poem.