I Saw, I Heard

Since finishing my thesis, I’ve been doing a lot of purging, reorganization, etc., and I came across the pile of poetry I’d set aside. I’d journaled for a long time, but I’ve found my poetry to be a little more personal than even my journal entries, which seems odd to me. I wrote mostly to figure out whatever I was going through, a kind of outlet for whatever my emotions were at the time. And I can usually pinpoint the time I wrote it. Anyway, most of it is the kind of ridiculous stuff girls write as a teenager. This one, is different. It was written mid to late high school, though I can’t remember what the inspiration was. And since I’m kind of proud of it, you can read it if you’re so inspired.

I Saw, I Heard

I saw the angles pass by your head tonight.
They sighed and smiled
as I watched their soft wings
blow butterfly kisses on your cheeks.

I heard the angels sing tonight,
their voices reaching the ends of the earth.
And though it was barely more than a whisper,
I knew it had touched your soul.

I saw God’s hand reach out of heaven.
It was strong and secure
as I watched it touch you lovingly
and rid the stress from upon your shoulders.

I heard God speaking his will just now.
His voice was firm and authoritative
and yet wonderfully simple
in the call for your life.

I saw myself reach out to you.
You looked back at me,
and with longing in your eyes
you looked up to the heavens.

I heard myself say to you,
my voice shaking as I whispered
I love you.
And then you went away.

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