Be Vortex Aware

I don’t normally walk down Granville on my way home but tonight I’m glad I did. As I walked down the street I saw police cars everywhere, and smoke billowing up closer to Smithe St near where the girls from Jump Rope for Heart had been two Saturdays ago.

I walked closer, somehow unafraid. It was the yellow car on the back of a tow-truck, severed in half that made me question the scene first. I thought accident at first, but then it looked too clean.

No license plates, I’m guessing the car was for filming. Sure enough further ahead, this was the scene.

I’m guessing downtown Vancouver outside of the Orpheum was supposed to be New York City.

So if you’re in New York, or Vancouver, Be Vortex Aware: Fringe Events Can Happen Anywhere.

Yes, Fringe was back in town filming, and no I did not see Joshua Jackson. But that’s Anna Torv’s (Olivia’s) hair in the filming shot.