Book Review: Jinx by Jennifer Estep

Jinx, the New Cover, from Jennifer Estep's website.Note: Potential spoilers to other books here. If you have read the first 2 books, don’t read this review.

Dinner with superheroes.

It’s an interesting experience—and one that I rather hate.

The empty wineglass floated past me, sailing along as though carried by a steady, invisible hand. I tried to pretend it wasn’t there. That I didn’t see it. That the glass was as invisible as the force propelling it forward. But that was hard to do since it landed on the table next to me.

I further tried to pretend I didn’t see the crystal carafe beside my elbow rise up, tip itself over, and pour ruby-red sangria into the waiting glass. I even tried to convince myself I didn’t really see the glass float back across the table.

I failed miserably at all three.

The other people gathered round didn’t pay any attention to the floating glass. Didn’t slow their conversation or ignore their food for an instant.

Unfortunately, floating glasses had become a normal sight around the Bulluci household these days—no matter how I wished otherwise.

~ Excerpt from Jennifer Estep’s website

Jinx is the third book in Jennifer Estep’s romantic Big Time superhero trilogy. I loved Karma Girl, and enjoyed Hot Mama, so I figured I might as well read Jinx. Equally fun in tone to the first 2 books, I enjoyed it a bit better than Hot Mama because I think I could identify better with a protagonist where her power isn’t controllable, or even that noticeable. In Karma Girl, her intuition was there, but it took the radio-active goo to trigger its full-blown potential. Like Carmen Cole, Bella Belucci’s power is there, but hasn’t reached any kind of potential. I think this is why I found Fiona Fine’s character less appealing. She’s fun, but her journey in the book didn’t begin close to ordinary – she had established powers, unlike Carmen and Bella.

I also liked Bella’s romance better than Fiona’s. Perhaps I identified with the “too good to be true” aspect, and waiting for that other shoe to drop feeling that Jennifer Estep gives Bella. It’s definitely the sexiest book out of the three.

Having read all three though, I can safely say my favorite is Karma Girl. It’s the most fun, and its one I remember the most vividly.

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