April Platform Challenge: Day 4 – Tweet-l-Dee

As you’ve read, I’m going to see how far I can make it with Robert Lee Brewer’s April Platform Challenge. This will be tough: a full-time job, no computer at work because I’ll be on site for the next month doing deficiency reviews, a course with an assignment due and an exam this month, plus easter.

Today’s  Challenge:

For today’s task, create a Twitter account. That’s right. Go tohttp://www.twitter.com/ and sign up–if you’re not already. This task will definitely take less than 5 minutes.

(Note: If you leave your Twitter handle in the comments below, I’ll be sure to include you in a special Tweeps to Follow list related to the April Platform Challenge.)~ Robert Lee Brewer

I already have a twitter account, but he challenged me to make it more personal. I didn’t change my handle (quirkycity) because it reflects my blog name (My Quirky City), but I did update my name to my professional one, and updated my profile picture to a more friendly of me.

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