Fiction – Tucked Away



Prompt: a dresser drawer


Two days until the move, Arianna packs up her bedroom. It, and the kitchen, are the last things to be packed before Miguel arrived to help her move everything into their new home. She smiled at the thought. Tired as she was from the patching, cleaning and other repair work in her apartment, the happiness of combining their lives together kept her going. She sang aloud to the unpacked radio, thinking how much better love songs sounded these days.

Suitcases sat on the bed, as Arianna pulled open her dresser drawers to pack up the clothes inside. Once most of her clothes were packed, she put her clean socks and underwear in last, making sure they were easily accessible for the first week of her new life with Miguel. As she made sure they matched, rolling each pair neatly together, a corner of a piece of paper appeared. Arianna sighed, reached down and pulled the familiar yellowed envelope out of drawer. Tears stung her eyes as she opened it, reading the letter her father left her years ago. Cancer took him before he could offer her advice about boys, but before his passing he wrote the letter to say he’d always love her.

Sitting down on the bed, she read it again, smiling through her tears. All she had left of him was the yellowed letter. Placing the letter back in the envelope, she found a white piece of paper tucked inside.

Dear Arianna,

I found this today, and was blown away by your father’s letter of love. I promise to love you for all my life. See you Tuesday,

Love, Miguel.

Suddenly her life with Miguel took on new meaning, the love songs on the radio sounding empty in the background.


A few years ago l joined a startup writing group called ThinkingTen. The concept is simple: there’s a daily prompt and you have 10 minutes to write whatever comes to mind. l deleted my blog posts from the site when I received an email saying the founder was shutting down the site. I hadn’t written anything in a while anyway. It’s still going, but I’ve decided to repost my original works here for Fiction friday.



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