plus one – after – play – April PAD Challenge Days 5-7

Day 5

plus one

be mine
tired of solo
standing on sidelines
wall flower
waiting wanting

plus one
an invitation
take a chance


I am participating in the April Poem-a-Day (PAD) challenge from Writer’s Digest. My goal is not to inundate you with posts, but to provide a forum for feedback if you want to challenge me to push myself further in my writing.

For today’s prompt, write a plus poem. Plus can mean a lot of things, and even the act of addition could equate to subtraction.


Day 6


we couldn’t tell you
in person
we lost touch
forgotten memories
physically unscathed
we found ourselves
at a loss for words
we found joy
in the life you lived so well
inspired by your
effortless ability
to welcome
those around you
we embraced each other
sharing grief
and knowing
we can’t embrace you.
but we can aspire
to be you
celebrate who you were


For today’s prompt, write a post poem. Post could be short for post office–or traditional mail. Post could be a wood or metal post. Or post could mean relate to words like postpone, post-punk, or whatever.


Day 7


Tail swishing back and forth
Ears flat, paws out, feigning indifference.
Her body relaxed and fuzzy.

Tail twitches, held straight
Ears alert, eyes intensely focused
Her sleek body is all one purpose.

Play or relaxed she is all hunter.


For today’s prompt, write a sevenling poem. Never heard of a sevenling poem? Well, it’s a 7-line poem (chosen because today is the 7th day of the challenge) that features two tercets and a one-liner in the final (third) stanza. My poem below illustrates the form. The first two stanzas should have an element of three in them that can either play off each directly, work as juxtaposition, or have no connection whatsoever. The final line should work as either a punchline, weird twist, or punctuation mark.


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