age – poem


defiance, confidence
in the simple answer
she asserts herself for the first time
though she can barely walk.

‘i don’t care’
the confidence of choice
she defends her dress
defies deadlines and curfews
determined to pick peers
over family.

‘i’ll be back’
bags packed
she steps expectantly
her passage unknown.
she falters in fear
but moves forward.

‘i do’
simple words
of commitment and affirmation,
confident, calm
her careful choice.

‘i’ll be back’
she tucks her in
tenderly, tightly,
as the girl sleeps.

‘i don’t care’
the confidence of choice
she defends her dress
defying her daughter’s

defiance, confidence
the simple answer
as she struggles
to hold on to

cropped-img_92281.jpgpoetic asides

For this week’s prompt, write an old poem. Now, I don’t mean take an already existing poem and pass it off as your own. However, I suppose you could re-write an old poem in a modern style or parody an older poem. Or the poem could be about an older individual, or an older way of thinking, or well, I’m sure you have your own interpretation already. – Robert Lee Brewer

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