white noise – a poem

white noise

White Noise.

White Noise.

Bells toll first, but the message says away.
Sounds of a bicycle join in the fray.
The whirring machinery copies one by one.
Vibrations signal a message unknown.
Blinking lights flash clamoring for attention.
Voices call out, please answer the question.
A cacophony of these electronic toys
simply becomes invisible white noise.

poetic asides

For this week’s prompt, write a poem about something in the room (or space) you’re sitting. The poem could be about a physical object in the room (or space). It could be a remembered or imagined event. If you’re outside, then you’ve got plenty of possibilities. However, I imagine a poem about a poet in a white room with a laptop (and nothing else) could be equally interesting. – Robert Lee Brewer

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Do you have something in your life that’s supposed to help but has become white noise? You can comment below, or find me on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. Plus, sign up for free e-mail updates from this blog in the top right-hand corner of the page.


One thought on “white noise – a poem

  1. “Press On” at the Poetic Asides website suggested that ‘symphony’ should be changed to ‘cacophony’ and though I still like my musical term, I think it reads better with the vowel sounds. My original is below. Let me know if you like the change.

    White Noise (original)

    Bells toll first, but the message says away.
    Sounds of a bicycle join in the fray.
    The whirring machinery copies one by one.
    Vibrations signal a message unknown.
    Blinking lights flash clamoring for attention.
    Voices call out, please answer the question.
    A symphony of these electronic toys
    simply becomes invisible white noise.


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