picking up plums – a poem

picking up plums

Curses form inwardly
as I stare at the plums
strewn across the floor.

Do I attempt
the five-second rule?
Or do I throw them out?

I review my irrational options
ignoring the real reason
I curse.

With a widened stance
l crouch down, slowly, carefully
reaching over my growing belly.

In a few weeks my dilemma
will be whether I leave the fruit
or set down the baby.

Scattered plums

Scattered Plums © 2007-2014 · All Rights Reserved · http://heatherbutton.com

poetic asides

For this week’s prompt, write a tough spot poem. The poem can be about your own situation (past, present, or future), someone else’s, or whatever you can conjure up. Think late bills, shootouts, and tough choices. – Robert Lee Brewer

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