the racing of thoughts

the racing of thoughts

The buzz of race cars
drones on and off,
a swarm of wasps
taking over my neighbourhood
for the day.
As their dynamics shift
with their gears
down the nearby straightway
in and out of earshot
my mind shifts too.
Thoughts stream by
their faint cry
growing louder on approach.
But I have missed my moment
to capture them.
Instead of reacting too quickly
on their approach,
I must wait,
memorize the signs,
the bends, turns,
ready myself for the next buzz.
Anticipating their movements
I reach out
snagging one.
The route changes
and now the race runs through me.
I embrace the thoughts
buzzing wildly through my mind.

your turn

This week the Honda Indy is in liberty village and we have the constant in and out buzzing of the cars in our ears as we drive by. But my thoughts have been racing too. How about you?
Not a racecar. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

Not a racecar. Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

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