where are you?

Where are you?

Where are you,
patriots of old?
Where are your history books
whitewashed with
words of compassion,
apologies for past behaviours
that you now repeat?
No matter how you argue,
it is the same
rhetoric, regulation, reasons,
that your forefathers feigned,
to facilitate fear.
Their children cried,
never again!
But here we are
repeating past crimes,
while you pretend
it isn’t your fault.
It is.
Your silence
and complancency,
your selfishness,
your utter disregard
for humanity,
will come back
to haunt you later.
When you are in need,
you will receive
the same empathy,
you have given.

your turn

my heart is heavy in the news, the lack of empathy in the US government staggers me. I don’t understand it, and yet, it isn’t a new phenomenon. We have been here before. Slavery. First Nations. Japanese Internment. And Canada has the same past, which doesn’t make us much better. How are you coping?

What else can we do?

I mean it. Please, what else can we do?


Image by Heather Button. Copyright © http://heatherbutton.com

Unceded Territory

Unceded Territory. Image by Heather Button. Copyright © http://heatherbutton.com

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