Judge Me… A Poem

Judge Me…

Judge me if you will,
     tell me what you think is best.
Present your arguments loud and clear
black and white
wrong and right
     the choice is obvious in such harsh light.

Judge me if you want,
     I see your point of view.
Its not as if I haven’t heard your arguments before.
I sat on the fence looking at both sides
back and forth
right and left
     until I fell off dizzied from the circular discourse.

Judge me if you must
     it’s easy enough to do.
I have done so a million times myself.
Questioning this turn of events that brought me here.
Cynic, selfish, stubborn
impetuous, careless, senseless
     my self-labels are far worse than any names you could ever call me.

Judge me if you dare
     but make sure you know what it is you condemn.
Simple? not so.
How could you know?
You were absent from my decision-making,
     consumed by your own life’s little dilemmas and dramas.
You weren’t there when i reached out to you.
I tried
I cried
     I believed I was alone in your constant disregard.
So I chose.

Judge me if you will
     for the choice that should have seemed so clear.
It came
it was made
I live with the consequences.
     and you continue in your disrespect.
Its okay for you to judge me now,
I harbour no ill-will
     save judging you for not being there for me.

© H Fitzpatrick 2010

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