Olympic Torch

Olympic fever is everywhere.  From the fans taking over all of Robson Street and Robson Square, to this surprisingly quiet corner at Pender and Burrard, where the hot dog vendors have even gotten into the action.

Of course the crowds were a lot bigger on the west side of the International Broadcast Centre, where they are are straining to get pictures of the Olympic torch.  I went over, hoping to get a picture, a glimpse and maybe reflect on the Olympics, but its tough when people are politely pushing and waiting to take pictures of such an iconic Olympic monument.  Its difficult to get close to the torch because of the fence, but at least they cut a slit through the fence so people can take pictures.  But I patiently braved the crowds, and wove my way up to the corner where I could take a few pics.

Here’s my favorite.  Enjoy!

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