Crazy Demolition

I’m sorry if the video is out of whack with my site, I’m trying the embed code for the first time. This happened right outside my apartment building almost 2 weeks ago; I’m so glad I wasn’t walking by like I usually do twice a week. 21 luxury residences are going into this site, so they’re demolishing the existing building to make way for the Rolls Royce driver included condominiums called Artemisia. These condos are totally out of scale for the city, and too rich for the area they are located in. Apparently, while they may be luxurious, they didn’t pay much in the way of safety for the demolition. My building manager told me they didn’t even have the proper demolition permits. I’m just glad no one was hurt. CBC has some coverage of it if you’d like to see comments. They’re pretty interesting from the people who were there. To make matters worse, they didn’t do it just once and learn from their lesson, it happened twice.

Its the kind of thing that makes me so mad. People need to be properly trained in this industry, structural engineers need to be involved in demolition. And safety needs to be a number 1 priority.

PS. Thanks to Gforce for showing me this idiocy.

One thought on “Crazy Demolition

  1. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is way too common (the only unusual part is it being caught so clearly on camera … twice). Common sense just flew out the window, especially with the repeat performance. I think penalties and enforcement need to be much stiffer. As much as we'd like to not hire these goons, clients often just pick the cheapest contractor without recognizing that they get what they don't pay for.


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