New Year, New City, New Blog Format, New Blog Location

It’s the end of 2011, and I’ve decided to make some changes. For anyone following my blog at blogger, you can now find it here on WordPress. I made the move because I like the dashboard options better there, and because my other (professional website) is there. In the new year I’m planning on trying to review books once a week. So hopefully you’ll find … Continue reading New Year, New City, New Blog Format, New Blog Location

We Want The Cup!! The Canucks won Game 1 of the finals tonight just as we were walking by Earl’s and the entire bar erupted; waving their shirts and screaming. Their enthusiasm was echoed all over the city tonight – maybe you heard it? Yeah – that was because of a hockey game. Don’t worry you’re quite safe, unless you’re a Bruins fan. Go Canucks! We want the … Continue reading We Want The Cup!!

Vancouver Fitness Day

Yesterday as I waited to meet up with my friend Sylvie for lunch I watched some demonstrations for Fitness Day on Granville near Robson. My favorite was the Skippers from Jump Rope for Heart from the Heart and Stroke Foundation who put on a spectacular demonstration, and even got the audience participating and learning how to do some double dutch (see video below). If I wasn’t … Continue reading Vancouver Fitness Day

Fans, Fanatics and Beyond

World Cup 2010 fever has begun in Africa and everyone’s flag colours are everywhere. My friends are posting their Hyundai sponsored Jerseys of their teams choice on their facebook pages, and it reminds me of that other giant sporting event from this year, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I bought the red mittens, and a team Canada hockey jersey in support of my country when I … Continue reading Fans, Fanatics and Beyond

The Hour Vancouver Taping: Behind the Scenes

Last night my friend and I went to go see a taping of CBC’s The Hour in Vancouver. My friend won the tickets, but little did we know how much she had won. The Hour is taping in Vancouver this week. The host George Stroumboulopoulos has been twittering about everything he’s been doing here, including going for a Japadog. We were in line for quite … Continue reading The Hour Vancouver Taping: Behind the Scenes

Chiliwack Mennonite Choir As I was out running errands in between chores and studying I saw some dressed up Mennonites in a parking lot prepping for something. I wanted to stop and chat them up, since I saw a sign on the vehicle they arrived in that said “Chilliwack Mennonite Choir.” I was curious to know when and where they’d be performing, but since I have a … Continue reading Chiliwack Mennonite Choir

All in Together: Hulahoop Contests

Its the kind of weather that has our office windows open, with the heat and air conditioning off. From below our office drifts up the occasional “Woo!” Screams of joy and fun in unison that occur every couple of minutes. Curious I ventured over to the window of my office, and witnessed in all its glory: the Hulahoop Contest.There are a lot of ESL classes around … Continue reading All in Together: Hulahoop Contests

Dine Out Vancouver 2010: Boneta

Went out with my cousins last week in Celebration of Dine-Out Vancouver 2010. We went to Boneta in Gastown where we had a really sumptuous $38 meal. Each restaurant has a fixed 3-part menu of $18, $28 or $38 that consists of a starter, a main course, and a dessert. The dinner was amazing! At Boneta, a French restaurant, I had: Appetizer: Green Bean Salad, Hummus, Preserved … Continue reading Dine Out Vancouver 2010: Boneta