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Tuesday night, in honour of a friend’s birthday, my fiance and I were invited to his place for snacks, drinks and cake, followed by a free outdoor movie experience at the Harbourfront Centre’s WestJet stage.

I haven’t visited Toronto’s Harbourfront (Canadian spelling of course) since I was a child, and have very fond memories of our school field trips there.
Movies on the covered stage are an annual event, and this year’s theme (for all my architecture friends especially) is City Flicks: Six in the City. Each movie profiles the city where they filmed it.
On Tuesday we watched the 2nd movie in this year’s series, Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. I’ve never seen the movie before. It was such a great view of New York, especially the apartments, though the skyline is much different today. According to the introduction, most of it was redone after the first cut. I wish we’d known Scott Pilgrim vs. the World played last week (featuring Toronto), because I’ve been dying to see the movie. If you’re interested in seeing the other movies playing over the next 4 Tuesdays, you can see Paris, Je t’Aime next week, Amal, the week after, Lost in Translation on August 2nd, and the Audience Choice on August 9th. You can vote for the Audience Choice: Cairo Time, This Movie is Broken, or the Tourist, on the City Flicks website.
I’m making this my interim replacement for Vancouver’s Empire Theatre’s Fan Favorites. I loved watching older movies on the big screen. The movie was really fun. It’s a great group of people, and a good way to spend the evening. It’s not an event for children. The movies have adult themes, content and language, and I know alcohol is consumed. The event starts at 9pm, with a speaker giving the history of the movie and thanking sponsors and attendees. We got there around 9:15 with people still streaming in, just as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful back drop. The sound for the movie was a little off, the actor’s ‘S’s’ were harsh, like when the sound is just too loud. My only other complaint was the occasional boat passing by playing music. All in all, I think it’s a very fun event, and I hope to make it to a few more shows. So get to the site, and vote on which movie you’d like to see.
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