All in the details: A day at the Canadian International Autoshow!

quirkycity’s photostream on Flickr. My husband and I went to the Canadian International Autoshow again this year. You can find some of my detail shots at my Flickr site photostream. For me this year, it was all about the details. The show had everything from car sections, to engine blocks below, to a rolling car […]

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators (or how I cheated on the Vancouver Canucks)

My husband and I went to the Ottawa Senators in Toronto hockey game last night. Despite growing up just outside of the city, this was my first game in Toronto. The only other time I’ve seen the Toronto Maple Leafs play was when I lived in Boston in the fall of 2003. While in Vancouver, […]

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Labs: CEAL

The other day Daily Planet presented a segment on a lab that studies the effects of unique planning conditions on the body. The iDAPT Centre for Rehabilitation Research in Toronto consists of 12 cutting-edge labs, workshops, and other reasearch spaces to safely study how adults, specifically those with disabilities, interact with their environment. Inside this lab, they have […]

Lecture: Hospital of the Future

The University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design has a lecture series every year and I attended Wednesday night’s lecture on the Hospital of the Future, by Dr. Ernesto Morales, a researcher from L’Insitut Universitaire de Geriatrie de Montreal (IUGM). Dr. Morales was recently invited to participate in a project with the Research Centre […]