Event Review: The Sound of Writing – Readings at the eBar

Last Wednesday (the 24th of August) I made it out of Toronto and to Guelph just before the Tornado watches arrived to see my friend Jo read her work along with 2 other ladies for The Sound of Writing: Readings at the eBar. I’ve never been to a reading of people’s works before, only a CBC radio interview with Margaret Atwood (that was amazing) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Each of the ladies read from their published works. The genres ranged quite a bit, but all three impressed me with their ability to share their works to our (somewhat) small audience.

Jo, reading at The Sound of Writing
Jo, reading at The Sound of Writing

Jo, editor at The Glass Coin, read from her story, “The Glass Slipper”, a reinterpretation of the Cinderella story from a maiden’s perspective, published in The Mystic Signals 4 Anthology, as a series of short fantasy stories. To my knowledge it was her first reading, and she did a great job. I may be a touch biased though, she did originally write the story to make me laugh, however I feel justified in my bias since it made the rest of the audience chuckle as well. I loved the subtle societal commentary running throughout her story, which could also apply to our TMZ obsessed time. She also had stylish shoes; very important in a story about a glass slipper.

Gemma reading at The Sound of Writing
Gemma reading at The Sound of Writing

Next up was Gemma Files. She read excerpts from volumes 1 & 2 of her Hexslinger Series, published by ChiZine Publications. While I’m not particularly into the Gay Paranormal Romance genre, Gemma had an excellent written style, and a very practiced voice. Her characters were well researched and I enjoyed her reading very much specifically because of her style.

Last but not least, was Sephera Giron. I must apologize for the lack of photograph, but in my frequent attempts to check the Tornado warnings I used up my phone’s battery by the time she took the stage. A romance novelist with a lenghty publishing history, Sephera read most of her horror story “Release” from Asylum 1: The Psycho Ward, also published by ChiZine. Her voice was strong and clear, and played on the mental acuity of the protagonist as she suffered through the voices in her head. The story was so strong, and the character so vivid, I felt relieved when she stopped before the end, as I could see it coming. The cascades of lightening behind her made the story much more ominous.

Over all I enjoyed the readings. They are a regular occurrence for The Sound of Writing, so if you’re interested in more, follow their Facebook page for future events. Congratulations ladies, you did a fantastic job!


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