Pampering: Elmwood Spa

On Saturday a couple of girlfriends and I went to the Elmwood Spa for some pampering. My friend had a mani/pedi combo the last time she was there for her wedding and said it was the best one she’d ever had! I got my very first pedicure, (the Elmline Essential Pedicure) and my pedicurist Lynd was very professional and friendly (and said my feet were in good condition). I was a bit ticklish when my feet were being pumiced.

Next time I would wear better sandals though. I was going out and walking around for a while after the pedicure, so I wanted to wear something comfortable while showing off my toes. They tried putting them on before the polish, but my Birkenstock strap just overlapped the nail. While it was a bit expensive for my current budget, I may go back there for a treat every now and then. Maybe next time I’ll try one of their many other services, like a hot stone massage or the waters. Thanks for the afternoon treat Ladies!
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