Book Review: Karma Girl, by Jennifer Estep

Karma Girl, from Jennifer Estep's WebsiteI stalked up and down the narrow hotel room. My hellish high-heeled shoes poked holes in the thick carpet and rubbed hot blisters on my aching feet. My white tulle dress rustled with every step I took.

Something was wrong. Very wrong.

I’d had the feeling for weeks now that something just wasn’t quite right between myself and my fiancé, Matt Marion. He’d been distant lately, distracted. We’d been together over two years now, and I loved Matt with all my heart. But his odd behavior was enough to make the most trusting woman suspicious. I’d asked Matt many times if anything was wrong, if he had cold feet and wanted to postpone the wedding, but he’d assured me repeatedly that everything was fine.

Matt had been working lots of overtime at his construction job and had all sorts of unexplained bruises and scratches on his body. He’d blamed his frequent absences and injuries on work, but I couldn’t quite shake this feeling, this cold sense of dread deep down in my stomach. Doubts whispered in my mind. I’d learned long ago to listen to my inner voice. Following my instincts was the reason I’d become the top investigative reporter at the Beginnings Bugle, the town newspaper.

I wasn’t about to ignore my instincts now. I couldn’t get married with this doubt hanging over me. I had to ask Matt one more time what was bothering him.

~ Excerpt from Karma Girl, from Jennifer Estep’s website.

I found myself walking through the downtown Vancouver Chapters store one Friday evening, browsing for something to occupy my mind. As I perused the “books on sale” section, Karma Girl caught my eye. I read the back, and intrigued by the concept of news reporter Carmen Cole, spurned by her superhero fiance’s infidelities taking revenge by outing all superheros and ubervillains, I bought the book and took it home. Four hours after eating dinner, I devoured finished the book, enjoying it the entire time.

Jennifer Estep had fun writing the book. Tributes to many superhero genres abide in her first published superhero romance: Big Time is slightly less shady but no less complicated than Gotham; the Big Time newspaper is no less dramatic than the Daily Planet. The fights, the technology and the karmic balance of the heroine are all a bit over the top, making it a silly read. However, what makes it fun, is Ms. Estep’s use of language.

His voice trailed off under my red-hot glare. If I had the ability to shoot lasers out of my eyes, the two of them would have been extra-crispy by now. Too bad I didn’t have my own superpower. ~ Excerpt from Karma Girl, from Jennifer Estep’s website.

Lines like the one above had me turning each page of the Karma Girl book. I enjoyed how much fun Ms. Estep had creating her superhero romance. When I picked it up a few years ago, it was the first book I’d devoured read through in one night in months, and took me out of all my studying. I really appreciate how quickly she took me to another world of superheroes and ubervillains. I’ve read it a few times since then, and if you’re in the mood for a light and fun read, I highly recommend it. I’ve wondered if it would make a good movie, but I’m not sure the first person narrative would translate well. I enjoyed it so much, that for christmas, I asked for the next two books in the series: Hot Mama & Jinx. Reviews of those to follow.

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  1. Heather, I have read the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep and they were very good as well – urban fantasy that was just a little different to the usual fare. Thanks for the review of this book – I will keep my eye out for it.


    • I’ve been wondering about those books. Do you think they’re a different tone from the light/fun Big Time Series? The Big Time series is being re-released in e-book format too. (Thanks for the comment!) I’ll be posting on the other 2 shortly.


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