Book Review: Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep

Hot Mama, from Jennifer Estep's WebsiteNote: Please don’t read this review if you haven’t read the previous book in the Big Time series, Karma Girl.

My wedding day.

It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. A time of joy and celebration and new beginnings. The day every girl dreams of from the time she’s old enough to play dress-up in her mother’s clothes.

It was exactly that sort of day.

Joy. Hope. New beginnings.

But it wasn’t mine.

Carmen Cole twirled in front of the full-length mirror. Her white-satin wedding dress swung out in an arc then gathered back in on itself. Thousands of Swarovski crystals dotted the fitted bodice and full skirt, giving the dress a shimmering, ethereal air. A matching crystal necklace sparkled like a ring of stars around her neck.

“How do I look, Fiona?” Carmen turned her blue eyes to mine.

I hated to admit it, but Carmen looked fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. A rosy flush tinted her cheeks. Excitement brightened her eyes. Even her auburn hair glistened underneath her simple, lace veil.

“You look fabulous. After all, you’re wearing a Fiona Fine original.”

Carmen frowned at her reflection. “I know it’s one of your more subdued designs, but I still think it’s a little much.”

I crossed my arms over my chest. An errant spark flew from my thumb and landed on the beige carpet. I squashed it with my stiletto. A little much? Please. If Carmen had gotten her way, she would have worn holey jeans, worn-out sneakers, and a ratty T-shirt with some cutesy saying on it to the wedding.

Luckily, hotter heads had prevailed. Mine. Then again, it was easy to get your way when you had the ability to shoot fire out of your fingertips. Getting my way was one of the prime benefits of being a superhero. My favorite benefit.

~ Excerpt from Jennifer Estep’s website.

Hot Mama is the second book in Jennifer Estep’s Big Time superhero romance series. Fun and just as light-hearted as her debut novel, Hot Mama delivers more romance (sexy scenes) than her first book. Karma Girl had to establish the world that these characters lived in, while Hot Mama can just dive in with new characters and focus on new romances. I really like Fiona’s character; once upon a time I had a very quick temper, and I can’t imagine dealing with all the fires she sets when her temper gets the better of her. I also love that she designs fashions, channeling her creative fiery spirit into the fashion world. It’s clear Jennifer Estep created a character that she enjoyed.

I enjoy the fact that the stories focus on other characters from the original, however I found that the book didn’t quite live up to Karma Girl. Perhaps it is simply that I didn’t relate to Fiona Fine as well as I did to Carmen Cole; the tone kept the playful nature of the first book, however, it didn’t seem to match Fiona’s Fiery spirit. Otherwise, the story was engaging, and I devoured Hot Mama almost as quickly as Karma Girl. I just haven’t reread it as much. However, if you’re looking for a fun book for a quick escape, I’d recommend this book.

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