Monthly Musing – July 2017

July, I started getting up early to write in the mornings. I've been sacrificing my rest because, well, I couldn't sleep.


Singing sweetly of surrender, Love, whole, soft and tender.

wires and metallic shards – a poem

Screws tighten, aligning the wrench just so it cannot go willy nilly, but behave as programmed.

exhausted – a poem

Feet ache, after a marathon of steps, too many to count.

remember the innocence – a poem

Little fingers and toes, testing, tasting everything in sight,

unlearn – a poem

How can I unsee when it pierces my skin?

canada homes – a poem

Muddy streets, row upon row upon row, houses line up shoulder to shoulder like little soldiers ready for battle.

woven – a poem

She whispers words, silent prayers woven along with thread.

Wordsmith Studio: Productive Procrastination for NaNoWriMo

Hi Everyone! I wrote about some productive procrastination tools for NaNoWriMo over on the Wordsmith Studio Site. I hope you'll take a peak and let me know what other tools you use for productive procrastination. Have a great day!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Remembering Joy, Freedom and Inspiration

Remembering Joy I bought a bicycle last week. It's a beautiful and inexpensive 1950's single speed replica, but it's all I need. I live near Lake Ontario, and I wanted to take advantage of the lakeshore bike routes this summer, though I'm terrified of riding through the city. I haven't cycled since I was 14, …

at play

at play Hair brushed, outfits picked, each ready to take on the required role. Actors meet, shake hands, embrace, kiss, enact a story more mature than the princess gowns portray. A scene unfolds, enemies revealed but it's not quite right. Back to the beginning and make it better, stronger. Once right the next scene unfolds. …

Etobicoke at Sunset

Etobicoke at Sunset, a photo by quirkycity on Flickr. I spent Saturday evening experimenting with my camera at night. I got three reasonable photos out of it. You can see the rest on my flickr space.

Decisions: Swallowing the spider to catch the fly

I don't know why she swallowed that fly. My job feels sometimes like I'm chasing down the logic behind decisions. We switched our software at work from a 2-dimensional computer-aided drafting (CAD) software program to a more robust and intelligent building information modeling (BIM) program. It's an interesting change, making you think about the building …

Call for Entries: NICU Design Competition

I received an email from the LinkedIn Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) & Quality Innovators group advertising an NICU design competition. You can download a PDF of the information package from the website: Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc. Design Competition. There are two categories for this competition - theoretical and actual facilities. From the website: …