Remembering Joy with my new bicycle! - Copyright ©

Remembering Joy, Freedom and Inspiration

Remembering Joy I bought a bicycle last week. It’s a beautiful and inexpensive 1950’s single speed replica, but it’s all I need. I live near Lake Ontario, and I wanted to take advantage of the lakeshore bike routes this summer, though I’m terrified of riding through the city. I haven’t cycled since I was 14, but for some unknown reason, I wanted to ride again. … Continue reading Remembering Joy, Freedom and Inspiration

Seattle: Music, Jim Henson and Frank O. Gehry

at play

at play Hair brushed, outfits picked, each ready to take on the required role. Actors meet, shake hands, embrace, kiss, enact a story more mature than the princess gowns portray. A scene unfolds, enemies revealed but it’s not quite right. Back to the beginning and make it better, stronger. Once right the next scene unfolds. Imagination sparks and it’s not just playing dolls. It’s storytelling … Continue reading at play

Decisions: Swallowing the spider to catch the fly

I don’t know why she swallowed that fly. My job feels sometimes like I’m chasing down the logic behind decisions. We switched our software at work from a 2-dimensional computer-aided drafting (CAD) software program to a more robust and intelligent building information modeling (BIM) program. It’s an interesting change, making you think about the building as a three-dimensional object rather than as a series of … Continue reading Decisions: Swallowing the spider to catch the fly


Call for Entries: NICU Design Competition

I received an email from the LinkedIn Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) & Quality Innovators group advertising an NICU design competition. You can download a PDF of the information package from the website: Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc. Design Competition. There are two categories for this competition – theoretical and actual facilities. From the website: Eligibility: 2013 Patient & Family Centered NICU Design Competition is … Continue reading Call for Entries: NICU Design Competition

Vines before Leaves - Image by Heather Button. Copyright ©

Spring time in Liberty Village

Vines before leaves, a photo by quirkycity on Flickr. Just a quick note to let you know I’ve got some new pictures up on my Flickr site. Spring is here in Liberty Village, and my friend Rachel and I have gone around photographing some of the interesting old factories. It’s a bit like the Distillery District, but without the need for a photography permit. So, … Continue reading Spring time in Liberty Village

Confessions of An April Platform Challenge Participant

This post is one in a series of Anniversary posts for Wordsmith Studio (WSS). Last year we joined Robert Lee Brewer’s April Platform Challenge on his blog and united to create a community of writers who support each other. I have a confession to make. I’m doing it again, one bit at a time. building history I blogged on and off since 2007. My website … Continue reading Confessions of An April Platform Challenge Participant