New Arrival – April PAD Challenge

New Arrival

he whimpers in the corner
tiny cries
tiny eyes
peering at me from his
tiny cage.

all the comforts
he could ask for
hot water bottle
comfy blankets
the ticktock
of a wind-up clock
to mimic momma’s heartbeat.

he whimpers in the dark
I shut my eyes
try to hide
but in the end
l pick him up
bring him into bed
where he nestles in next to me.
I’ll regret it in the morning
coddling our new arrival.


I am participating in the April Poem-a-Day (PAD) challenge from Writer’s Digest. My goal is not to inundate you with posts, but to provide a forum for feedback if you want to challenge me to push myself further in my writing.

For today’s prompt, write a new arrival poem. The new arrival could be a baby or a person. The new arrival might be a car or other piece of technology. Heck, the new arrival might be an idea or poem.


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4 thoughts on “New Arrival – April PAD Challenge

  1. Aw Heather, so sweet. I did that with my second malamute puppy. Come to think of it I picked him up and carried him around every chance I got because by the time he was a year old I knew I’d never be able to pick him up again. Talk about coddling! 🙂

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