Apology – April PAD Challenge Day 3


I claim self-defense
as I watch myself
tear your emotional limbs
apart. The look on
your face, a mix of
anguish and confusion
is beautiful. l am
disgusted that l find it so.
Impulse drives me.
I can’t stop the abuse
as l channel all my
frustrations into betrayal.
You bear the brunt of it
and I grieve the loss
of your innocence.


I am participating in the April Poem-a-Day (PAD) challenge from Writer’s Digest. My goal is not to inundate you with posts, but to provide a forum for feedback if you want to challenge me to push myself further in my writing.

For today’s prompt, there are actually two options, because it’s Tuesday, which means a “Two for Tuesday” prompt. They are:

  • Write an apology poem, or…
  • Write an unapologetic poem.

Your choice. You can be sorry–or not. Or write about someone who is sorry–or not.


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