at play

at play

Hair brushed,
outfits picked,
each ready
to take on
the required role.

Actors meet,
shake hands,
embrace, kiss,
enact a story
more mature
than the princess gowns portray.

A scene unfolds,
enemies revealed
but it’s not quite right.
Back to the beginning
and make it better,
Once right
the next scene unfolds.

Imagination sparks
and it’s not just
playing dolls.
It’s storytelling
before she learns to write.

Seattle: Music, Jim Henson and Frank O. Gehrypoetic asides

For this week’s prompt, write a child’s play poem. All of us were at one point children. Some of us may be lucky enough to still be children. Certainly, we all know people who act childish. – Robert Lee Brewer

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