normal – a poem


good news travels fast
alien impressions in a photo
celebrate life itself.
she radiates joy.
hands momentarily
rub the empty womb,
then focus returns
to work at hand. 

a new assignment,
exciting prospects
the near future defined.
present work put on hold,
projects get set aside.
tasks that brought joy
are given away. 

phone calls interrupt the day,
crisis management is a skill
learned through experience.
bad news requires time away.
grief is buried along with dreams,
in the normal
ebb and flow of work.

Bridge in the Fog

Bridge in the Fog

poetic asides

For today’s prompt, write a normal poem. I know that’s kind of a silly thing to ask, but work with me here. You could write a poem that plays with “normal.” For instance, what makes a normal person? What constitutes a normal relationship? A normal day? A normal poetry prompt? Normal may be about as elusive a thing as a poet can try to pin down – Robert Lee Brewer

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