patience – a poem


Gold eyes stare at me intently
l cross the floor
tail twitching in time
with my footsteps
sweeping the floor
swish swish swish.

Ears point back
his face an exclamation point
as he decides I’ve forgotten.
But the drawer opens;
somehow he knows
I’m not after the ladle this time.

He mewls a sound
by contented vibrations
as he wraps his tail
gently around my leg.
we walk side by side
to his usual place.
l pat his head
set the dish down
rewarding patience
with something fishy.



poetic asides

For this week’s prompt, write a fishy poem. I’ll let you decide how to take that. Perhaps, the poem is about a fishy situation or action; perhaps, the poem is about a fishy smell; or perhaps, the poem is about an actual fish, whether fresh or salt water. – Robert Lee Brewer

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