awaken the dawn – a poem

awaken the dawn

she throws her voice in the forest
little whispers carried across rivers
tugging at heartstrings,
earlobes and doldrums.

she dances in the canopy
rustling leaves with toes
stirring sleeping creatures,
fingering fur and feathers
until the forest
drowns out her voice.

she awakens the dawn
following the sun,
affecting the moon
held elsewhere in the sky.

Copyright © 2014 · All Rights Reserved ·

7428929724_b6a4369f50_kpoetic asides

For today’s prompt, write an elsewhere poem. Maybe elsewhere is a physical place–like Ohio instead of Georgia. Maybe elsewhere is a season–like summer instead of winter. Maybe elsewhere is a state of mind–like happy instead of depressed. Whatever your elsewhere write it today (and through the week). – Robert Lee Brewer

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