Care – a poem


I don’t care about networks
bits and bytes of blinding
mind-numbing data
application license code
far too many people accessing
info at the same time.

It’s not my job to navigate the web
find answers by asking the right questions
discover the 0 that should have been 1
to make my problems go away.

But I can’t do my job
until the problem is solved
so I learn something new
focus through the fog of information
until I ask the right question
and do finally do my job.
Which is all I really care about.

poetic asides

Revit Forum Image

Revit Forum Image

For today’s prompt, write a care poem. As with many of the prompts, a care poem can be handled (with care) in many different ways: write a poem in which you care about someone (or something); write a poem about a caregiver (or care receiver); write a poem about the Care Bears; or if you don’t care about anything, let that guide you. – Robert Lee Brewer

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