Growth – a poem


Though my skin thickens
a new sense of awareness
permeates my being.

Though my surroundings
expand around me
they feel tighter, snug,
and offer comfortable resistance.

As I press against my boundaries
they gently give way
rearranging to accommodate
my growing self.

Most days, lulled to sleep
by the constant rocking of carriage
I feel the gentle touch of something warm
pressing to see if l am there.

Though I hear the comforting sounds
of a gentle soothing voice
I can’t call back, yet,
in time l will be known fully to all.

poetic asides


Lungs © 2014

For today’s prompt, write a poem from inside another person’s skin. Sound icky? Well, I’m talking more like metaphorically. For instance, pretend to write a poem from the perspective of Walt Whitman, Amelia Earhart, or that strange looking guy on the bus. Use this prompt to get outside of your own persona and into the persona of someone (or something, I suppose) else. – Robert Lee Brewer

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