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I’m taking part in the 2014 PAD challenge, which means this is a break in what I usually post. Today’s Poem is to:

For today’s prompt, write an excuse poem. People are full of excuses–I’m no different–and sometimes they’re valid; other times, not so much. Write a poem about making excuses, listening to excuses, or hey, maybe excuse someone for making them.

Instead of writing for NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to make these poems inspired by the second draft of my work-in-progress, currently titled “Arch Villains”. It will also be posted in the PAD Challenge post.

Boston Public Library


When you go home at night
think upon your day
do you ask yourself
if you made a difference?
I’m not talking about
meeting basic needs
performing to a
minimum expected standard.
Did you go above
and beyond?
Did you push yourself,
your client,
your team,
to really go for broke?
Or did you let
something insignificant
get in the way?
What’s your excuse
for hiding in the shadows?

How about you?

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