The mental load weighs heavily...

in search of praise 

A work in progress partially formed.


Awake from the responsibilities that have popped into my mind overnight, I overcome exhaustion with caffeine.

whomsoever killed my dream

I will find you, near or far.


leaning back to each other in a sine.


The costume gives me strength.

One day

One day I won't be surprised by the immeasurable grief

surrender – a poem

Have you thought about my proposal? … read on ...

the day after – a poem

I had more questions than answers. ... read on ...

inevitable – a poem

In this moment I stare down my enemy. Confronted with a choice...

stitched together – a poem

Blood rushes from the gaping wound, a ragged trench relinquishing an army of red blood cells.

superhero news – a poem

Sources say explosions rang out and no one intervened.

opportunity – a poem

Your reputation precedes you, the perfect candidate to carry out my work...

at the end – a poem

It's always the same. The projects differ, the details vary, the challenges reward.

dilemma – a poem

Sparks fly building into something more than friendship.