denial – a poem


Oh traitorous heart of mine
why beat faster
at such a disaster?
I’ve tried, twisted and turning
held off at bay
ignoring the way
we talk long into the night.
His eyes shine
our fingers entwine.
We stand at the end of the day
panic stirring
as I start burning
the heart that simply loves
all that I am
as l love him.
Evading his lingering advance
l try denial
but find that I’ll
refuse the depth of my heart.
Even though
I can’t let him go.
Vandusen Garden. Image by Heather Button - Copyright ©

Vandusen Garden. Image by Heather Button – Copyright ©

poetic asides

For today’s prompt, write an evasive poem. Of course, yes, evading taxes, but also, a person can evade questions, lovers (especially if there are multiple lovers), work, and responsibility. The hunted try to evade hunters; criminals attempt to evade the law. And so on. – Robert Lee Brewer – Poetic Asides 313

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