Fire – a poem


Fingers wrapped
stifle the cry.
Alone I was shy,
until he came.
He called my name,
and I was done.
Come join the fun;
we partied all night.
I couldn’t fight
and fell asleep.
Into the deep,
I burned cold, hot.
Held in the spot,
by a monster instead.
Filled with dread
panic snapped.
Finers wrapped
stifle the cry.
Caught in the mire
I finally yell fire!

poetic asides

For today’s prompt, think of something you might shout out loud (or hear others shout), make it the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. Possible titles include: “Way to Go,” “Run for It,” and “Fire” (though it’s usually not good practice to scream, “fire,” without an actual fire). – Robert Lee Brewer – Poetic Asides 311

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