exhausted – a poem


Feet ache,
after a marathon of steps,
too many to count.

Cracking joints
echo in the room, staccato,
like gunfire.

Muscles protest
every micro movement,
as if on fire.

Body stretches,
pulling skin taught over
ligaments and sinews.

Bleary eyes
search for a place to rest,
after a hard day of work.

Mind wakens,
open to weightless exploration
within sleep.

Image by Heather Button. Copyright © http://heatherbutton.com

Image by Heather Button. Copyright © http://heatherbutton.com

Poetic Asides

Today’s prompt is to write a tired poem. It could be a sleepy poem or a worn out from exercise poem. Or it could be a “sick and tired” poem, I suppose. Take tired where you will, even if it means making a verb out of the noun tire. – Poetic Asides Prompt 318

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